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Jeff margolis - Speaker, Author,
Board Member & Healthcare Futurist

What if we shifted our attention from only taking care of people once they become sick to creating processes that help people take actions that elevate their health that span across their whole life?

I’m the former chairman and CEO of Welltok, Inc., a Virgin Pulse company, the leading enterprise consumer activation company in healthcare. My work is transforming conventional notions of “sick care” to a whole new model: optimized health.

I’m working to bring optimized healthcare to the masses using data and software-driven solutions. The truth is, there is a relatively small percentage of the population that relishes solving a difficult problem end to end. And what problem looms larger in the United States than affordable, effective healthcare for an extraordinarily diverse society?

I’ve spent decades pouring over data in order to properly answer this question.

With over 35 years of experience using systems science and advanced information technologies to address some of the industry’s biggest problems, I’m proud to be a thought leader on healthcare IT and strategy. Before joining Welltok in 2013, I was the founder, chairman and CEO of TriZetto, the first industry vertical SaaS enterprise solution. This company created a market-leading platform that managed accurate benefit plan administration for over 130 million people. It was also at TriZetto that a concepts of Integrated Healthcare Management and Health Optimization were born.

I joined Welltok in its early days, bringing it from a start-up to an industry leader with 130 enterprise customers. Through its visionary consumer activation platform, the company sought to make it easy for consumers to optimize their health and well-being. Today, Virgin Pulse impacts 22 million healthcare consumers annually.

I joined Blackstone as a senior advisor to guide investments and advance innovations in healthcare and information technology. I also serve on the boards of Alignment Healthcare, NextGen Healthcare, Brightside Health, DNAnexus, Grin, Hydrogen Health, and TriNetX.

I’ve written several books concerning the state of healthcare including The Healthcare Cure and most recently Not Just in Sickness…but Also in Health. I’ve spoken at conferences and industry events and am a frequent guest lecturer, bringing mys futurist, data-driven philosophy to audiences across the country. Additionally, I provide strategic advisory services to select organizations. I’m an alumni of the University of Illinois, hold CPA certificates in Colorado and Illinois, a Chartered Global Management Accountant designation with the AICPA, and am a NACD Board Leadership Fellow.

I’m also a husband, father, and grandfather to two amazing little girls. My vision for the future of healthcare means better optimization for future generations and the ones I love – and yours, too.

“We all benefit from Jeff’s decades of experience working through how the pieces of the consumer health puzzle must be assembled—and where the gaps are. Health and care are inextricably linked, and we must redefine the industry around the whole person if we are to deliver on our promises.”

Sam Glick, Partner & Practice Leader
Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center

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